Sunday, May 11, 2014

Final Blog Reflection

The course officially comes to an end tomorrow and it is time for one final reflection. Throughout the semester we have been asked to create and regularly update our very own blog. This is my final result, looking back at all of my posts, I am very proud of the work I have contributed this semester. I have found the use of our very own personal blogs has been beneficial for multiple reasons. For one, it has allowed a time to recollect our thoughts from the week, and maybe most importantly it has been therapeutic to have an outlet to vent. As college students, there is a lot of stress and frustration involved with juggling school, work, and life in general. So having an outlet to let out some of that steam and frustration has been very beneficial. This blog has also allowed a lot of us to experiment with an digital tool and apply it to our education. This is one of the main lessons I will take from my time in the course, the benefits that come with using technology in and out of the classroom. As someone who has aspirations to one day become a professor, I will hope to introduce and apply technology into my own classroom. Allowing my students to experiment with digital media, and to use their creativity as a new means to learning. Looking back at all I learned this semester I have found a new appreciation for teaching. Globalization has allowed for a "playful pluralism" within the teaching community, in that various approaches to teaching can ultimately be the best decision for teachers and students alike. In conclusion, this course has been extremely beneficial to me personally. It has given me a brief introduction to the various approaches to teaching a broad range of subjects. It has challenged me to use an alternative approach to my very own thinking. Ultimately is has given me the opportunity to experience a new way of learning.

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