Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Life of a Lobby Boy.

Minor film review: 8.7/10

Wes Anderson is a pretty polarizing film maker. Be it over the top sets, blinding pastel colors, or the slow motion montage, he has definitely imposed his trademark style. The Grand Budapest Hotel not only follows these traditions, but builds upon them. After earning academy award buzz from his last venture Moonrise Kingdom, Anderson has tossed his hat once again for significant critical buzz. The film captures all of the good of his best films. The cast with the majority of similar faces, adds a few new comers to his film catalog, specifically the lead Ralph Fiennes who steals the movie. Although the film does add new dimensions to the Anderson cannon, it does feel similar to its predecessors during multiple scenes. Luckily for the film, the similarities do not stray away from the visual spectacular Anderson paints onto his canvas.

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