Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Reflection #7

Presentations have ended and we are now moving towards our next term paper. The semester feels as if it has flew by at this point. With the being said, coursework has begun to pile up. In a matter of two weeks I have three papers due, readings that need to be done, and somehow find time for a "spring break." Regardless of my hectic schedule, I am pleased with how I have done this semester. With one class (critical theory being the exception, my classes have been relatively pleasant and interesting. Here is to hoping the rest of the semester goes smoothly!

On a side note,

One of the benefits to college courses is the introduction to texts that I before would not have been familiar to. This past week I read three short stories by Tim O'Brien. All of which were amazing to read, the amount of detail and power O'Brien writes in is truly left me in awe. In the same vein, I currently am reading Native Son by Richard Wright for my African American literature class. The book has blown away my expectations. It is graphic, intense, and filled with layers of a deeper meanings.

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