Monday, March 24, 2014

Reflection #6.

Another week gone by, which means it is time for another reflection. Our group presentation is in two days and now it is just a matter of putting the finishing touches on. I had a very good experience with the first round of presentations, and hope to have that same success this go around. I am very invested in the topic we chose, and hope to one day have it in place for classrooms around the world. I feel there are so many methods in which one can teach a class, I feel it is up to the personal preference of the teacher to determine the tools in which to use to teach a class. What this assignment has taught me is the amount of attention that still needs to be paid to the classroom, and how society can improve it. The world is filled with technology, that with every passing day is getting more advanced, the ideology of a traditional classroom seems to becoming antiquated. It is just a matter of time before classrooms catch up with the rest of society.

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