Sunday, February 16, 2014

Poems: "Ghosts" and "The Zoo."


His name was Vlad,

He was always the oldest in the class.
His mother had cancer and so did his tree,
As a baby she would cradle him under the falling leaves.
We were friends.

His name was Vlad.

He listened to The Jesus and Mary Chain,
And painted landscapes.
He did not cry when his mother’s wig fell off. 

His name was Vlad.

He spoke Russian and liked the rain,
He vanished into thin air,
Never to be seen again.
We were friends.

His name was Vlad.

The Zoo

She packed sandwiches in the ice chest,
Ham, romaine leaves, and mayo. 
We watched the giraffes heads scape the clouds.

She put her hands in my trench coat pockets,
Her fingers played with my car keys,
She trembled and sighed.

Dark eyes and fair hair.
A Fitted dress that gently covered her knee,
Lipstick that hugged the rim of a coke bottle.

Rows of cages,
Animals A-Z.

We walked and laughed,
and forgot. 

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