Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Poetry Analysis Essay (Rough Draft)

The Native Son 

Home is something different for everyone. The relationship individuals have with the places they refer to as home almost always certainly shape the way they act, feel, and think. For writers, home can either be damning place, or an environment that provokes artistic inspiration. For writer Carl Sandburg, the city of Chicago served as his source of muse. Sandburg paid tribute to the city he spent the bulk of his literary career in with his famous poem “Chicago.” The poem is written with such vigor and admiration it is hard to resist the obvious endearment Sandburg has for the city.

Chicago is recognized as one of the major American cities that most know, but few understand. Los Angeles is known globally as the “Entertainment capital” of the world. New York is widely acknowledged as the crown jewel of opportunity. Chicago on the other hand, is more known for their weather conditions. The “Windy city,”  as it is famously known, is a proud city that has been a staple in America with its breathtaking architecture and transportation innovation. Despite the beauty and rich history, Chicago is still stigmatized as being a lesser compared to Los Angeles and New York. Sandburg addresses this opinion with a stern defense in his poem.

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