Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Reflection #1

Poetry has been a constant in my college curriculum. It is something I know will be there, and continue to be a part of my academic career. I had my first serious attempt at writing my own poetry last semester in my creative writing course. When writing my own work I came to realize the massive amount of yourself you put into it the work. Even at an unconscious level my personal life found its way filling the ink on to the page. Leaving my creative writing class I took with me an better understanding of the amount of thought and courage that comes with writing poetry. In a new semester  poetry has found its way back to my lectures like an old friend. One of our first assignments was to learn and master five key terms that are synonymous with poetry. Immediately after opening our course text I was shocked by how many terms there actually are in the poetry world. There is specific types of structure, words to a line, and number of lines themselves that come with poetry I never acknowledged. After going over some of the basic key concepts, the readings have been more accessible and enjoyable already.  The names of the famous authors we will cover during the course I am certain to leave with an even greater admiration for the art form that is poetry.

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